SEO: Regional and temporal customized ads

If you want to attract customers in a particular region only, limit your campaigns to this area and on specific days and times.

Negative Keywords

Use negative keywords. This is a very important measure to minimize costs. If you use for example the word “conservatory” as a keyword, you should use the word “vaudeville” as a negative keyword.Placements for branding
You can use the function of the placements in Google’s advertising network. Here you are looking for the appropriate platforms on the web, where your ad will appear in the Google AdSense area.

AdSense ads are more or less nothing else than the AdWords to be displayed at appropriate text of portals and website for specific topics. Here is the considerable advantage that it can provide a matching service or a suitable product with a display about specific reports.

Our experience shows us that the placement ads are clicked significantly less than the ads on the search network (i.e. on the search results page of Google). This one has to have a very high advertising effect without high costs, because the ads cost so something if you also clicked. Therefore, it is ideal for branding.

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Placeholder title with Google AdWords

Use a placeholder in the ad title. Instead of a title recorded in the first line of the display, just enter the title in curved brackets.In this way, the display looks extremely interesting for the user.

Controlling and adapting

It is very important to Google Adwords – the regular analysis of the display successes. Many users rely on your campaigns once and then let this stand for years that way.

Check once a month on the analysis of ads and correct wrong keywords, change little successful ads or change the display parameters. We wish you much success with your ads and campaigns with Google AdWords. is one of the best free movies online