SEO text and Search Engine Optimization

What is a SEO text? “SEO” stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and describes the effort using various means in the top results of search engines, especially Google.In addition to the so-called off-page factors, link exchange or link here is crucial for stable, lasting good search engine results.Also for the off-page factors, the text is very important, whether in the form of articles, press releases or blog posts in foreign blogs.Journalists can also pay attention to your website.This provides the opportunity for a highly affordable and effective advertising in “offline” media, for example, newspapers.

The basic rules of successful SEO text

In regards to keywords, the right amount is very important.

Until some years ago it was enough to achieve good search positions to accommodate relevant key phrases such as insurance, credit, or simply holiday in Majorca – every sentence three times, then the good ranking came almost by itself. Nowadays many search engines are allergic to a too high keyword density. Some pages are even banned entirely from the Google for this reason.

Therefore, it is important to process relevant key phrases moderate and in a natural way.Therefore, is requireda careful analysis in terms of keywords that are used by your target audience.Through appropriate online tools can easily find the searched keywords and search phrases.In addition, each of these keywords can bring you important customers.The ideal keyword density is 3-5%; this should be targeted at a good SEO text as the target.pokercc terbaik

The textsare not writtenjust for thesearch engines

The real goal with a good web text should always be the reader. What use is the ideal keyword density, if the reader can jump off after a few words, and he never visited your site again? The art is to combine SEO factors with maximum usability and readability. In addition, a pinch voltage alsois allowed when creating text.